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What Is An Appropriate Age To Start Playing Golf?

What is the appropriate age to start playing golf? Who can play golf?  There are a lot of misconceptions about this incredible sport. Here we are answering some of the most asked questions so that you can get out and start enjoying the greens today! 

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Golf is a centuries old sport that continues to entertain millions of people each year. The sport is played by hitting a small ball with a metal club with the intention of making the ball in a hole in the ground further down the course. The goal of the game is to get the ball in the hole with the least amount of strokes. It is often played competitively, but the goal for many people is to improve on their own personal best. There’s no better competition than yourself! Golf is also a great way to enjoy the outdoors which is why a lot of people use it to relax and enjoy a day in nature.

Can Children Play Golf?

There are a lot of misconceptions about the sport of golf. It has gained the reputation of being a sport for wealthy older men; however, golf is a sport that can be played no matter your age, gender, race, background, or economic status. It is a great way to enjoy the outdoors, spend time with your family and friends, and even get a little exercise. If you are looking for people to play with, there are a lot of Facebook groups and other forums that can help. Getting out on the course is another great way to meet new people and they can often provide tips to improve your game.

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What is An Appropriate Age To Start Playing Golf?

Playing Golf

If you’re a golf fanatic like us, then you want to share the sport with all of your friends and especially your kids. There are a lot of ways that you can begin introducing your kids to the sport at an early age so that they can begin to develop an equal love of the sport. The most important thing in teaching your kids any sport is to make sure that they are having fun.

When kids are pushed too hard early on, it can cause them to resent it and lose interest. Try introducing your kids to the sport by watching tournaments with them, introduce them to golf simulation games, or even just start with some fun easy swings.

Golf digest suggests that kids can start learning as early as 18 months old! Try starting them out with plastic clubs and balls. Heavy metal golf clubs can be difficult and dangerous for young children. Be sure to teach them proper etiquette as well to keep them and others safe on the course. If you are patient and you have fun teaching your kids, golf can be an incredible lifelong bonding activity.

Although many of the professional golfers started at a very young age, it is never too late to start. Golf is a sport that anyone can master even if you start well into adulthood. With a lot of practice and determination, anyone can succeed.

How much does it cost to play golf?

Like any other sport or hobby, you can spend a lot of money playing golf. If you want to play with the nicest clubs, the nicest golf balls, and play on the most prestigious golf courses, you can spend thousands of dollars. There are however, a lot of affordable ways to begin and enjoy golf. Clubs can be found for really low prices and even for free on occasion on sites like craigslist or at local yard sales. If you really want new equipment without breaking the bank, many popular brands like Wilson offer starter sets for a more affordable price. 


Golf balls can be very pricey; however, you can find really cheap packages at stores like Walmart or Amazon. 

We recommend starting with the least expensive balls as you start out because you will likely lose a lot while you practice. It’s also a good idea to start out at a local golf course

They are generally much cheaper than the clubs and professional courses, and they allow you to practice in a much calmer environment.

Playing Golf

Where can I play golf?

Golf is an incredible sport and it can be done in almost any area of the world. Here in southern Utah, we have a variety of courses that are perfect for everyone with all levels of experience. Our favorite course is the Coral Canyon Golf Course. This golf course provides unmatched views as well as an unforgettable playing experience. They offer affordable rates, and you can even stay in the homes right on the side of the golf course for a truly unforgettable golf vacation. Check out our homes on the eighth for more information. Another incredible golf course in southern Utah is the Copper Rock Golf Course. This is the newest addition to the golf scene in the area and it is absolutely stunning. There are also more homes available here, so check out the Copper Rock estate for more information about staying on the course!

For more places to stay on your golf trip in St George, contact us!

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