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4 Tips to Plan The Best Corporate Retreat In Utah

Attention! Fall is around the corner which means your corporate retreat in Utah is officially ready to rock.

For many companies fall is the best time to hold a corporate retreat, that’s why here at Coral Canyon Resort we’re ready to help you set things up with 4 tips that will be useful for planning your next corporate retreat in Utah.

Tips For Having The Best Corporate Retreat In Utah

1. Set Some Basic Goals For The Retreat

Determine Goals For The Retreat

It’s important that even before you start planning the retreat your team already knows what the company is aiming to achieve by having this corporate retreat in the first place. Strengthening teamwork? Improving synergy? Giving hard-working teams a time to unwind and get to know each other and appreciate company culture better? Write it all down and set it as the basis for the rest of your plans.

With the goals firmly on paper, the team in charge of planning will be capable of planning all the activities to be had, focusing on the goals, and helping all colleagues attending to better achieve and integrate in a way that is useful and productive.

2. Search For Ideal Dates To Schedule

Search For Dates

It’s important to have good timing when setting up company retreats. You need to coordinate in a way that does not disrupt the company’s work, nor interferes with the attendees’ personal lives. With this in mind, however, the later you set the date, the better (within reason). This is because you’ll be able to have more time to solve any last-minute logistics issues.

It’s better to present 2 or 3 options for scheduling to your boss. Also, options that vary on the duration of retreats, always trying to focus on how much time will be needed for the company retreat to be worth the effort in the first place.

3. Choose The Place

coral canyon resort st George

Having a company retreat hosted in the ideal location is certainly one of the most important details. Take your time to think through all of your options and select the best possible location to achieve your goals.

If you’re looking for Utah Resorts that have spacious suites and facilities, you should check out Coral Springs Resorts or Estancia Resort. St George in Utah is a great location that is central for a lot of activities like visiting National Parks, playing golf, or even visiting Las Vegas, which is just a two hour drive from the resorts.

4. Plan Out The Activities 

Plan The Activities

After you have set the retreat goals, chosen your dates and selected the location it’s time to plan outdoor and indoor activities that you can do with the team. During this company retreat it’s important to have a balance between fun and relaxing activities so everyone can have a great time.

Fortunately, with these 4 tips, you’ll be well on your way to planning the best corporate retreat in Utah your employees have ever had.  

Our Coral Canyon Crew will be happy to help you book your rental homes for your corporate retreat just contact us.

If you choose to have your corporate retreat at St George you should read 4 Things You Should Know Before You Visit St George on our website to be prepared. 

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