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4 Things You Should Know Before You Visit St. George

things to know about st george

The pandemic definitely put a damper on all of our travel plans. If you’re anything like us you’re itching to get back to exploring the world! A great place to start your travel is Southern Utah, and if that’s your choice for a post-pandemic vacation, we have some things you should know before you visit St George to help make planning a breeze! Check out the list below to learn more, or contact us directly with any additional questions or concerns.

Is St George A Family-Friendly Place To Visit?

Of course! St George is one of the top cities in Utah to travel with your whole family! Here you can do many fun activities like watching a play in the incredible Tuacahn Theater or visiting Snow Canyon State Park. Note, the Tuacahn Theater is open again after a year off of production!

If your kids are into dinosaurs, the St George Children’s Museum is a must-see!. You’ll find fun hands-on activities and also learn about all sorts of different dinosaurs. Also, if you want to have some adventures you can visit the Red Cliffs National Conservation Area where you can do some hiking and camping.

Zion National Park St George

Another incredible option near St George is Zion National Park! This is truly a unique area that provides unmatched views and the option for a lot of incredible hikes! Check out our blog for more information!

These are some places you can enjoy for free: Glitter Mountain, Pioneer Park, Main Street Splash Pad, Thunder Junction Park or Fire Lake Park. There are tons of options for you and your family to enjoy all year long.

What Is The Best Month To Visit St George?

For most people it would be March, April, May, October and November. Those are the best months because you will have highs between the mid-’60s and high 70’s. If you would like to avoid the crowds then June, July, August, September, January, and February are great choices.

In these months you’ll be able to plan your family reunion with the best outdoor activities and the weather will be a perfect fit. No matter when you choose to go, we are confident you are going to love staying in St George!

Where to Stay in St George?

Utah is a very popular destination in the US that is why you will find a lot of hotels and resorts. We can recommend 3 luxury resorts in St George, Utah that we are confident you are going to love.

Coral Canyon

Coral Canyon Resort is one of the most beautiful and spacious places to stay you will find in Utah. They have 2 types of rentals, if you need 6 rooms or less, the best choice would be making a reservation at Town Center Resort, which includes private hot tubs, custom fire pits, garage parking and more. But if you have a larger group you can book The Eighth that has up to 8 rooms and each one offers its own private pool!

Estancia Resort

Estancia Resort is one of the biggest resorts in St George. Designed especially for families and friends that want to enjoy relaxing in a beautiful locale and also have easy access to the great outdoors. It is just minutes away from downtown St George as well as Snow Canyon!

All of their luxury suites have a private balcony with BBQ grill, washers and dryers, central air conditioning and full kitchen equipment. The suites come with 2, 3 or 4 bedrooms.

Coral Springs Resort

Coral Springs Resort is well known for having the most spacious kitchen and living rooms in St George. Another popular feature is the shared balcony, which makes it the perfect spot for family reunions.

It doesn’t matter how many people are traveling with you because in this resort you will find 1, 2 and 3 bedroom suites that can sleep anywhere from 2-12 people. 

coral springs resort
weather in st george

What Is the Weather Like in St George?

St George enjoys an average of 225 sunny days per year. Known for its mild winters, it usually only gets 2 inches of snow per year. During the summer it will regularly be 100+ degrees, but it is dry heat so finding a little shade provides some relief. There are also plenty of options for swimming and enjoying time indoors, so you can always enjoy some variety on the hotter days.

To start planning a memorable vacation with your family, please contact us and we can help you find the perfect suite as well as help you plan all of the details to make this an incredible trip. If you are planning a bigger trip, check out some of our other blogs about family reunions in Southern Utah.

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