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Top 5 Mountain Biking Destinations in Utah

There’s a reason Utah is known as one of the best states for outdoor activities. This is because you can go hiking, camping, climbing and mountain biking all on the same trip. Thanks to the variety of National and State Parks in Utah, you’ll never run out of things to do. Today, we’ll zoom in on 5 mountain biking destinations

Mountain biking in Utah: Best Trails

1. Wasatch Crest Trail

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Wasatch Crest outside Salt Lake City, is easy to access and a very popular place for locals and mountain lovers to visit. This trail is ranked “difficult.” It’s not only a good place for mountain biking, but rock climbing as well. The stunning landscapes will take your breath away.

2. Rush Trail 

Another trail you’ll find in Salt Lake City is the Rush Trail. Here you’ll have access to different types of riding and difficulties, that is why it’s one of the most visited trails in Utah. It’s a singletrack the whole way down. It is also one of the most scenic trails around.

3. Thunder Mountain Bike Trail

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If you’re looking for a trail that has the perfect mix of challenging ridings and thrilling vistas, Thunder Mountain Bike is the ideal choice for you. Is located outside of Bryce Canyon National Park in Southern Utah

You’ll have three ways options: a scenic loop, a high-adrenaline downhill, or a killer hill climb. Depending on your choice (and adventure level!) you will either be on an intermediate or a professional grade track.

4. Captain Ahab Trail

This trail goes from easy to difficult. But rest assured, at the end of the trail you’ll be rewarded with a cool view of a rock gardent. The trail is located in the Amasa Back Area.

This trail is just over 4 miles of singletrack. The level of difficulty is high, normally for professional mountain bikers. Please note that there are no e-bikes permitted on this trail.

5. Ramblin Trail

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This trail is part of the Navajo Rocks Trail, and is the perfect trail for people who want to start mountain biking. One of the advantages of doing these trails is you’ll be able to see hoodoos, Navajo Sandstone, and the Colorado River. In your way, you’re going to find a huge high-speed Slickrock dome, some desert, and huge trees. This trail is just over 3 miles long 

We hope this article has helped you to choose your next mountain biking trail in Utah. If you’re looking for a place to stay while you visit Southern Utah please contact us for more information. 

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