8 Fun Indoor Family Activities To Do At Coral Canyon Condo Rentals

Looking for a quiet family weekend in St George? The Coral Canyon condo rentals are the best place to go! Just in case you need some help entertaining your family, we made a list of 5 indoor games you can do in our family reunion rentals in Southern Utah.

Coral Canyon Vacation Rental Games

1. Board Games



Board games are one of the most popular indoor games and they’re always a great idea! Everybody has at least one board game at their house. Whether it’s Monopoly, Chess, Battleship, Risk, or Life. Dig around your house and bring it on your next family vacation! A little family competition is never a bad idea!

2. Complete a Jigsaw Puzzle

A fun and challenging activity to do with your whole family! Enjoy a whole afternoon completing a big Jigsaw Puzzle, and in case you don’t have one at home they are really easy to find on Amazon. If you’re traveling with another family or a big group you can even make it a family contest!

3. Treasure Hunt

The Coral Canyon condo rentals are huge, so this game is perfect. It might take some time to hide the objects and make the clue cards, but it’s a fun game and everyone can join in. If you have time, customize your cards and don’t forget to have a big prize for the winner! 

4. Baking


After 2020 a lot of people have found baking to be a great way to spend some quality time with their kids, and also learn some easy baking recipes. We love baking cupcakes and decorating them, and our banana bread is to die for! All of our Coral Canyon vacation rentals are fully equipped with kitchen equipment to make your baking adventure easier.

5. Watch a Movie

Now it’s easier to watch movies at home. Thanks to streaming services like Netflix or Disney+ you can pick almost any show, any time of day and enjoy a family movie. There isn’t a better place than our rentals like Closest 8 Bedroom To Zion that has a huge living room with a big television or in the game room! 

6. Card Games


What makes playing cards a great activity for any trip is that you can play with a few people or in big groups and there will always be a fun game. In this case, if you are planning a family getaway or a family trip you should consider playing crazy eights, chase the ace, snap or go fish! 

7. Pool Party

The Eight is a collection of private estates along the 8th hole of the Coral Canyon Golf Course that has a private pool in each home. It’s the perfect place to book your rental home in St George where you can relax by the pool all weekend long! What better way to surprise the whole family than an awesome pool party!

8. Charades

Who hasn’t played this game at least once in their life, now you should try it with your kids! It’s not just a game for fun, it’s also a way to help your kids learn how to think outside the box and deal with problems. In all of our rentals you will have plenty of space to play charades and spend quality time with your family.

Come enjoy this summertime with your family and enjoy some of the best activities at our Coral Canyon rental condos. Let us know which games you and your family enjoy most!

To book one of our condos, contact us now! Explore Southern Utah with us.

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