5 Ideas For Your Family Reunion In Utah

5 Ideas For Your Family Reunion In Utah

One might think there’s no time to plan a big family reunion during summer nowadays, but with the right mindset and method, it’s totally possible to make it happen! It’s not too late to plan a nice family reunion in Southern Utah, and if you decide to take some time off from school/work (or if you’re doing it online), then you can plan a visit down to St. George.

Family Reunion Ideas in Southern Utah

1. Visit the Thunder Junction Park 


What makes Thunder Junction Park so amazing is that it is an park for all-abilities where everyone can participate and play safely while having an incredible amount of fun times. 

The theme of this park is dinosaurs; and you’ll be able to find ziplines, swings, climbing walls, slides, and more. And every 45 minutes the volcano in the park erupts to the surprise and joy of all the children.

2. Visit the St. George Children’s Museum Exhibitions


If you have been trying to persuade your family to go to a museum and haven’t succeeded, this is your opportunity to blow their minds. All of St George Children’s Museum exhibitions were designed to be entertaining for both children and adults. This is one of the most popular family reunion ideas in Utah you can do! They plan new activities all the time to keep kids and adults engage in a fun time.

3. Horseback Riding at Snow Canyon State Park


Snow Canyon State Park is a popular park for a lot of families. You can contact a local company if you want to do something like horseback riding, or you can also enjoy the wonders of this beautiful state park on foot. There are trails and activities for all ages and skill levels in an expansive region of Southern Utah.

4. Enjoy an Adventure at Kanarraville Falls 


If you want to take your family on an adventurous hike, look no further. It’s not a super difficult hike but it is very rewarding when you get to the Karraville Falls towards the end of the trail. It is a very popular trail to go to early and keep in mind that this one, in particular, is not apt for children.

It’s open in spring, summer, and fall all day long.

5. St George Splash Pad


You’ll find splash pads all over St. George. One of the most popular are St. George Town Square and the other is at Thunder Junction. But… did you know that we have our own splash pad at Coral Canyon Resort? Much more fun one, too!

In fact, some of our units even have little mini splash pads on the front porch. Call us and let us know if you want to book a stay in one of those units.

If you are looking for some family reunion rentals in Utah we would like to recommend Coral Canyon Resort to stay while you visit St George. If you want to book a rental home contact us for information. We have a 48-hour cancellation policy

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