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4 Coral Canyon Hikes you Must Do

Southern Utah is well known for its beautiful landscapes, National & States park, having the best golf courses, and being a dream destination for outdoor enthusiasts

Anybody who likes hiking is aware that one of the ideal destinations in Southern Utah to go on a hiking adventure is definitely the St George area. No matter what type of hiker you are, here you will always find the perfect hiking trail. 

If you have booked a weekend in our Coral Canyon Rentals and want to go hiking with your family, we have a list of our 4 favorite Coral Canyon hikes. 

Coral Canyon Hikes List

We made this list of the best hiking trails in St George with help of all our guests over the past years, so they have all been tried and tested and family approved. 

1. Paradise Rim Trail

The Paradise Rim trail is located at the Red Cliffs Desert Reserve, making it the perfect hike to do with your family or a group of friends. The best part is that because it is the easiest hike in the park, everyone can do it, even the little ones. It is just over 3.6 miles long and you will be able to enjoy the incredible views of the mountains and wildflowers. 

If you are staying in St George, it will take approximately 10 minutes to arrive. You can also bring your furry friend, but they are only allowed to enter with a leash. You can also explore the trail by bike or horse. Paradise Rim Trail is one of the most popular hikes for all of our guests in our southern Utah resorts because it is easy and you can visit it year-around.


Photo: All Trails


Photo: All Trails

2. Butterfly Trail

This hiking trail is located in Snow Canyon State Park and has a moderate level of difficulty, but is one of the most popular because it is used as a connector to other trails. It’s a small trail so it won’t take you too much time to finish. It is 1.2 miles long which you can most likely complete in 40-45 minutes, depending on how fast you hike. 

During your hike at some point, the hike will drop down and you will start following a huge petrified dune, an amazing and a great place to take some pics. The views and color of the canyon will make all the effort worth it. 

At the end of the trail, you can choose to return or continue to the closest trail which is Lava Flow Trail. From Coral Canyon resort it will take you approximately 22 minutes. Check out the best Snow Canyon Hikes for more! 

3.Kanarra Creek Trail

The Kanarra Creek Trail is located outside the Kolob Canyons section of Zion National Park and is 4.2 miles long. We would recommend this trail to anybody (although it’s not as easy as the other trails) because it has 2 beautiful waterfalls

The first waterfall is located next to a tree. It’s relatively easy to climb the tree to the top of the waterfall. The second waterfall has a rope that allows hikers to climb above, it might look difficult to climb, but is not. 

You can enjoy a lot of activities in the park and it is open all year round. If you like adventures and getting a little exercise, this will be the perfect trail for you. Head up, you need to pay $12, you can get your ticket online or in the park.


Photo: All Trails


Photo: All Trails

4.The Subway

Let’s go to another slot canyon but this time in Zion. The Subway Trail is the longest trail in the list falling somewhere between 9 to 9.5 miles and it is an intense challenge for all of the serious hikers out there. This trail is located in Zion National Park. We recommend that you begin the hike at the Wildcat Trailhead

Just to remind you, some of the holes are deep and sometimes it is required to swim in cold water. Another important thing you should consider is that you must have a permit to hike this canyon and you need to apply months in advance. Permits cost between $15 to $25 depending on the number of people.

This hiking trail is a little further from St Goerge, by car it will take you approximately 50 minutes but it’s open all year long. Bikers and dogs are not allowed.

Tell us which of these Coral Canyon hikes was your favorite or which one you would love to try on your next visit. We have tried to cover hikes of all difficulty levels so that you can have amazing options for the type of hikers that are in your family. 

If you want a place to relax after you’ve enjoyed one of these hikes, please contact us and we’ll get you all set up. We have a huge variety of rental homes in St George Utah for small, medium and big groups.

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