Guide To Plan a Family Reunion In Utah

family reunion utah

Guide To Plan a Family Reunion In Utah

This time of the year is perfect to plan a family reunion in Utah and there isn’t a better place than St. George.

How To Plan A Family Reunion In Utah

1. Choose the Date

Choose a Date for your family  reunion in utah

Pick a couple of date options for the family reunion

Send it to all of the members so everyone can feel part of the process and then make a final decision based on the information.

We recommend that you choose a date at least one month before your trip to avoid last-minute chaos. 

2. Form a Reunion Committee

family reunion in utah Committee

We know you can do everything but trust us, getting some help will make your family reunion more enjoyable. 

This second tip will be more relevant if you’re planning a large family reunion in Utah.

A family committee of 3 or 4 people will be enough to organize this Southern reunion.

3. Decide the Family Budget

choose the budget for your family reunion in utah

It’s important to stick to a budget. That’s why before you book your rentals in Utah or plan an itinerary activity, you must know how much money you can spend.

4. Choose a Place to Stay

coral canyon resort in St George Utah

You just need to know that the best family reunion vacation rentals in Utah are located in St. George.

If you’re looking for large family reunion rentals, Coral Canyon Resort is the place for you.

Just in case you want other options you can check Coral Springs Resort or Estancia Resort.

5. Make an Itinerary

best itinerary for your family reunion in utah

It’s important to have in mind which activities you’re doing at the resort and which ones outdoors.

We know that in a family reunion there isn’t a strict plan but it’s good to know what things will take more time.

We hope this guide is going to lend you a hand planning your family reunion in Southern Utah.

Need help booking your rental home? Don’t worry, contact us and our Coral Canyon reservations team would be happy to help! 

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