The Best Restaurants in St. George, Utah!

Best tacos in Utah!

Angelica’s is a local Mexican restaurant known for their amazing street tacos. It has a super friendly atmosphere and it makes you want to keep coming back for more.
“The service was fast and people very friendly. Monday special was four street tacos with rice and beans. Tried two different salsas, both were great. So excited about this place! Angelica’s is definitely a place to recommend to friends and family who are traveling to sunny St. George.”

Mad Pita is my favorite!

Mad Pita Express is a restaurant featuring Greek and Mediterranean inspired food. Known for their Gyros and Pitas, Mad Pita is an excellent restaurant to go and enjoy amazing food.

“My mom and I drive down from Cedar City just to eat lunch or dinner and then make our way home. The food is always fresh, delicious, and fast. We took seven kids with us and they all loved it. My favorite is the spicy chicken pita with french fries. My mom loves their salad. And the kids love the chicken and rice. I wish there was a Mad Pita in Cedar City. We’d eat there all the time!!”


Viva chicken is a Peruvian Rotisserie restaurant specializing in Pollo a la Brasa. Their menu is fresh, flavorful and packed with inspired recipes that will transport your taste buds to the streets of Peru. Viva Chicken is not only hip and healthy, it’s quick and convenient and a great spot for dine-in or takeout.

“Wonderful staff both in the restaurant and in catering. We eat in the restaurant often and always love it. The food is consistently amazing, some of the best chicken I’ve ever had! We always have a great encounter with the staff too. Not to mention it’s an awesome vibe. We had it for the first time catered yesterday and it was AMAZING too.

A lot of times when food is catered it’s not quite as good as fresh in the restaurant. It tasted identically amazing. I would highly recommend them as a caterer, and definitely go in and check them out to eat. You won’t be disappointed. It’s super high quality and healthy food at a reasonable price!”

Braintwistingly Tantalizing!

Hash House brings farm fresh food to cities near you. They take traditional midwest recipes and add their own personal spin on them. Hash House is fun, full of flavor and has one of the largest menus we’ve ever seen.

“My wife and I were overwhelmed at the fantastic breakfast that we had here during the week of Halloween 2015. We were sad that we only discovered this on our last day of vacation as the dinner dishes sounded fantastic as well. I had the big sage chicken breakfast which was so delicious, and I couldn’t even eat more than half of it, it was huge!

My wife had the chorizo sausage breakfast which was also very delicious and huge. The server was so helpful, as the menu is so braintwistingly tantalizing, I was about to order too much, and he advised me correctly! I’m looking forward to planning another vacation this year, with this place being a focal point for a few breakfasts and dinners! It’s just GREAT!!”

True Aloha spirit!

Hawaiian Poke Bowl started in 2011. The owner, Roberta is a native Hawaiian. When she relocated to St. George she brought her love of Poke with her and decided to start her own Poke restaurant.
“True Aloha spirit served with a smile and a warm “Mahalo”. I just had the sweet and spicy ahi bowl. I have spent a lot of time in the islands and eaten a LOT of poke. This is the most authentic Hawaiian poke I’ve ever had on the mainland. I live in California and the poke trend is huge right now. Nothing I’ve tried has even come close to this. The owner is from Hawai’i and you can taste it in her food. This takes me straight back to the islands. Seriously, perfection.”

Braintwistingly Tantalizing!

Located in downtown St. George on St George Blvd. Even Stevens is a great place to go relax and enjoy some amazing sandwiches.

“My sister and Dad and I stopped here on a road trip part spring! They made such an impact with the fun atmosphere, unique and tasty sandwiches and commitment to fighting food insecurity in the community that I remembered them and found them on social media weeks later! Definitely recommend!”

Consider me a fan

The Egg & I is committed to providing friendly service and delicious breakfast, brunch and lunch. Whether it’s roasting our vegetables in-house, slicing and juicing the season’s freshest fruit or whipping up their famous french toast batter from scratch, The Egg & I take pride in the details that they hope will make your visit memorable.

“Finding a solid place for breakfast that’s both affordable and good can be hard. but this place does it well! Fun enthusiastic staff, decent portions that don’t leave you feeling bloated and an open style kitchen so you can watch the Masters at their work. Not to mention the fair price points and a comprehensive menu that has something for everyone. Consider me a fan.”

I always stop by Larsen’s

Larsen’s is a your classic old school diner. It is a great place to go to feel the old school style and eat great food.
“I’m a native of southern Utah. When I’m visiting st. George I always stop by Larsen’s. Can’t get Piccadilly chips like theirs anywhere.” Frostop is a great option with a great environment.
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