4 Things that Make Southern Utah a Good Place for Family Reunions


4 Things that Make Southern Utah a Good Place for Family Reunions

With beautiful skies, the solemn silence of nature, and gorgeous desert vistas with snow-capped mountains here and there, Southern Utah is a year-round beauty to visit. It provides opportunities for a number of incredible activities. And, best of all, It is a place where family unity is well appreciated. If you’re looking for good places for family reunions, this can be exactly what you’re looking for.

In case you’re not convinced yet, here are 4 more reasons why the best place for family reunions is St George, Utah.


#1 Lots of State Parks

Throughout Southern Utah, you will find some of the most spectacular State and National parks in the world. Boasting red rock canyons, dramatic cliffs, and well groomed trails, the possibilities here are endless. Good places for family reunions must have good sights to see. Nothing says “beauty” like the unspoiled nature these parks have to offer. 

One of the most famous parks in the area is Zions National Park. This one of a kind National Park features well known monuments such as Angel’s Landing and the Emerald Pools. This is an ideal location for family reunions because of the numerous hikes and scenic roads available. This is definitely a must see on your next family vacation.

If you’re looking for more National parks in the area, try checking out Bryce Canyon and Capitol Reef. These beautiful parks boast stunning natural features and beautiful views that make for an unforgettable trip.

Snow Canyon State park is one of the most amazing state parks in Utah. Although it is not named a National Park it definitely rivals them in beauty. Snow Canyon State Park is perfect for family reunions in Utah because of the amazing activities that you can do there. Rental facilities are available all year round to provide ATV’s, Boats, and guided tours through some of the most stunning natural features it has to offer.

National and State parks are the perfect place to host a picnic, family game night, or any other activity you can imagine. If you’re still not convinced to host your family reunion in St George, check out some of the other reasons why we love family reunions in St George.

#2 Milder Weather

You will love the weather when you visit Southern Utah with your family.  It is much more temperate than the majority of the other places you may be considering for your next family reunion. Although it can get a bit chilly on occasion, southern Utah maintains a warm temperature throughout the year. It comfortably supports almost any activity you could want to do during your next family reunion.

Near St George, Utah you will experience similar weather patterns to northern Nevada. That means that you can celebrate any holiday or family get together during any month of the year! Although we love the snow, it can be nice to enjoy a tropical Christmas every once in a while.

And, speaking of being near Nevada, St George isn’t just a great location for weather, it’s also a great location for accessibility!

#3 Good Location

If you are looking for good places for family reunions, it is important to consider a couple of different factors. It shouldn’t just be a pleasant location, but also easy to access for all members of an extended family. In this regard, Southwestern Utah has a privileged position. It is tucked right up next to Nevada, Arizona, and even has easy access to California. That means it can be easily accessed from any direction, and is within driving distance from two international airports. What could be better than that!

On top of everything, it’s a beautiful trip, especially if you’re visiting St George from Colorado, or traveling through the state from Idaho or Salt Lake City. You will have the opportunity to drive through expansive plains, red rock valley’s, and beautiful cities as you make your way to beautiful Southern Utah.

#4 Lots of Outdoor Activities

Being a place so prolific in parks and natural recreation, outdoor family activities are a staple of southern Utah. Visiting the Lava Tubes at Snow Canyon State Park or hiking at Zion National parks are some of the most common. You can also do so much more: Ride ATVs in the Sand Hollow State Park and its miles of dunes, fish and swim at the Quail Creek State Park, take an equestrian tour (horse riding) at Snow Canyon State Park, and much more!

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